Sponsoring SQL Saturday Atlanta May 18

Hey, everyone.  I wanted to let you know that I’ll be attending and sponsoring SQL Saturday Atlanta on May 18. Organizers expect huge attendance, so if you’re on the fence, register now before they fill up.  If you happen to see me in the halls, come by and say hello.  I might have a giveaway, … Continue reading Sponsoring SQL Saturday Atlanta May 18

Now powered by Cloudflare and SSL!

In anticipation of the July 1, 2018 change wherein Chrome v68 will start red-flagging any website that is not 100% SSL secured, I have set up an SSL certificate on http://www.sqljuju.com.  And, I have configured Cloudflare as a DDoS and security barrier.  It was remarkably simple; the biggest effort was changing a few settings in … Continue reading Now powered by Cloudflare and SSL!

OneDrive Deletes Local Files

I recently upgraded my laptop hard disk and in the process discovered either a feature or bug, regardless, an undesired outcome.  Microsoft OneDrive (was SkyDrive) deleted two files without notifying or asking me.  Here’s the sequence.   1) Backed up my entire disk using Disk Mode on Acronis TrueImage 2013.  This preserves system and hidden … Continue reading OneDrive Deletes Local Files

Microsoft Certified Mayhem

In a completely bizarre left-field move, Microsoft has just announced the termination of the Advanced Certifications including Microsoft Certified Master, Microsoft Certified Solutions Master, and Microsoft Certified Architect. These are certifications that require months to years of study well above any other certification, and include a lab and in some cases $18,000 of onsite training.  … Continue reading Microsoft Certified Mayhem

SQL Saturday #132 – Pensacola 2012

This past Saturday was the first time I’ve organized a SQL Saturday, and it spawned a number of other firsts.  Each of them presented its own challenges and benefits, and while I was exhausted for days afterwards, I would not hesitate to repeat the experience. Organizing the event involved coordinating venue, sponsors, food and drink … Continue reading SQL Saturday #132 – Pensacola 2012