Hire Me

Services offered by SQLJuJu include:

  • SQL Server
    • Versions supported 2008-2019
      • If you are running anything older than 2014, I recommend you upgrade to a much more recent version.
    • Backups: Contact me for a full analysis and setup of SQL Server backups across your entire environment.
      • If you only use third party “snapshot” software to back up your MDF and LDF files, you’re likely missing a crucial recovery path and risking all your data. How much data can you afford to lose, and how long can you afford to be offline?
    • Upgrades and Migrations – with minimal downtime if desired
    • Replication
    • High Availability / Disaster Recovery
      • Clustering
      • Availability Groups
    • Performance assessment
    • Diagnosis and problem solving
    • Architecture
    • Remote administration of one or multiple servers with periodic monitoring
  • Cloud Migration
    • Amazon Web Services – Aurora RDS
    • Microsoft Azure

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