Cyber Monday

In the spirit of Cyber Monday, I would like to introduce myself to the world and offer the public a 50% discount on my consulting services for short-term after-hours engagements. I will extend this offer for one week – any new contracts started through Sunday December 8 will get the discount for up to 20 hours.

Areas of focus: SQL Server performance monitoring, periodic SQL code reviews (on-demand or inside an established SDLC), new installations or a one-time efficiency scan and security consult.

Here’s what you’re getting when you hire me:

  • SQL Server database administrator and developer professionally employed since 1988.   Full resume is available on request; I don’t want to post it here for the spambots.
  • 21 years of application development experience, full spectrum from the one-man-IT-shop (including network administration) to member of an enterprise team (agile and waterfall development), primarily focused on data applications.
  • 4 years experience as a database administrator using Microsoft SQL Server 2000 through 2008R2.  Two of those as Senior Database Administrator and team lead within a $2 billion enterprise.
  • One year consecutive experience as a freelance consultant during after-hours time periods, including some work with SQL Server 2012.
  • A focus on enterprise quality and a goal of 5×9’s uptime through high availability practices.  That’s about 5 minutes per year of unplanned downtime, and requires quite a bit of planning, process and security.  Separate development, QA and production environments, firewalls, security, etc.
  • HIPAA and ISO security audit experience (through my corporate job); while I am not certified in these, I will fit in a system where these advanced security measures are already in place.  I will not go rogue and impact running production systems without express permission.  I will likely sign an NDA or HIPAA partnership agreement if needed.
  • Up to 10 hours per week availability from 6pm – 11pm weekdays, and more hours on weekends. I intentionally set a cap of 60 hours per month for all clients combined, so that I don’t sacrifice family time.  I also have a primary full time job with an on-call rotation; please understand this must remain first priority and while I have not yet had a conflict of interest, I have done well this year by planning ahead.
  • Travel: I am employed full time and that restricts how much I can travel, but I can negotiate (with several weeks advance notice) up to a 2-week onsite visit.
  • Remote access: I am very experienced with remote control of mission-critical enterprise systems and can access your systems remotely with the same care.  I have not had to physically interact with a server for nearly six years.

Regular rate: My regular rate is US$150/hour for short-term engagements expected to be between 1 and 99 hours per year.

Discounted rates:  Longer-term engagements (contracts covering “up to” 100+ hours per year) will be between $100/hour and $125/hour depending on length, on-call requirements, etc.

The Cyber Monday discount is 50% off the first 20 hours for new customer contracts signed by December 8, 2013.


If there’s anything I can do to help your business, contact me through this website or send me a message on Facebook at .



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