About Me

Known on Twitter and in the SQL Server Community as SQLJuJu, I am a database administrator working in Brookhaven, MS where I remotely manage database environments all over the world.

I specialize in:

  • SQL Server Migrations, Performance Tuning, Assessments and more
  • Cloud database migrations including SQL Server to AWS Aurora
  • Cloudera Hadoop administration
  • Proactive monitoring of the above systems
  • DevOps Automation – Infrastructure as Code
  • Questionable sense of humor (see location link above)

For the past 30+ years, my professional career has mostly revolved around data in some way.  Positions including “the computer guy” , IT, development, database, and more have given me experience in:

  • PC hardware
  • Networks
  • Microsoft network and server OS’s
  • Windows Server through 2019
  • Linux – CentOS, Ubuntu and more
  • Databases – SQL Server, MySQL, AWS Aurora, DynamoDB
  • Programming languages including Visual Basic, C# and related web technologies

I am involved in the SQL Server and Microsoft .Net developer communities in an effort to learn and share information within those groups.  I was Chapter Leader of the Gulf Coast SQL Server Users Group which, beyond its monthly meetings, hosted the 2012 SQL Saturday in Pensacola, FL.

The name “SQLJuJu” comes from being asked so many times to “work my magic” on a problem, combined with my personal philosophy said best by Arthur C. Clarke:   “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

If you would like to set up a 30 minute call to discuss how SQLJuJu can help you, take a look at the Hire Me page.